Types of Influencers

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Types of Influencers

Some people specially parents make fun of influencers because they think that it is not a real job and this job is for the lazy people. Where the fact is that there is a specific kind of skill set that one must have to become one. For example, not all of us know how to flex in front of a camera in a way that it does not feel that one is being overrated and being simple at the same time. One has to be a very fluent speaker and has to have a lot of confidence as well and not all of us have these talents. To become one of the best and top influencers in UAE, you have to learn more than these skills.

Specially when you are an Arab social media influencer, there will be a lot on your plate. This is because to become the best one, you have to take the job seriously and pay attention to all the trends in the Arab world and around the world. Influencing is not only about fashion and being photogenic, we have seen some people actually saving lives. We have seen comments on pictures of the best influencers, where people swear that they are the reason of the continual of their everyday life. If you want to become a social media influencer, then we suggest that you know the types of them.

  1. The first type of influencer is the gaming influencers or you can say video game live streamer. People and kids are more into playing games as compared to playing games outside. For now a days, we think playing inside is safe. The best gaming influencers have made millions of dollars in a year.
  2. The second type of influencers is vloggers. These are the latest and the trendiest kind of influencers. They go to places and make videos of it and make sure to guide all about the tour.
  3. The third type is also being very famous now a days, and that is the blogger influencer. Some of the best blogger websites are making 6 figures in a month. All you have to do is pick up a hot topic and say your opinion.

If you have some photographic skills then you should become a photograph influencer and inspire the world with your amazing clicks.

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