5 Reasons To Start A Business In RAKEZ Free Zone

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5 Reasons To Start A Business In RAKEZ Free Zone

The benefits of a RAKEZ business setup are numerous. The most prominent is the full tax exemption, low-cost leasing and storage facilities, visa allocations, and the availability of world-class seaports and airports. Apart from these benefits, the city has real estate facilities tailored to suit the needs of any startup business. Additionally, the government offers a one-stop service to assist new companies with all requirements.

Serviced offices are suitable for small companies

Servicing offices may be the perfect solution for running a small company. They are available month-to-month and offer more privacy and fewer common areas shared by other companies. Small companies that want to save money on office space and maintain a high level of professionalism will find this type of office ideal. The benefits of serviced offices extend beyond the benefits of smaller, more affordable office spaces.

Serviced offices come with visa allocations

If you want a private office, but don’t want to pay the high rent of office space, serviced offices in Rakez are the perfect solution. These offices provide a dedicated workspace in an enclosed office and come with a dedicated signboard, full-time security, and even a postal address. These offices also include a business center and housekeeping services. The lease period is one to five years, and you can get as many as four visa allocations if you rent an office.

MENA region is a highly targeted market

In the MENA region, a business set up in the RAK region is an excellent way to target international markets. You can focus on business activities spanning a broad range of industries and sectors with high-quality regional warehouses. The region also has an abundance of highly targeted markets, so it’s possible to reap huge profits and boost business growth by targeting this market.


Investment in a RAKZ business setup can save you money on infrastructure and other initial costs. Unlike other business setups, RAKEZ offers customizable warehouses and a range of services for all industries. In addition, the cost of establishing a business in RAKZ is very low, as the company pays no taxes on goods re-exported from the Emirate.


The RAKEZ Business Zone is a strategic location that offers state-of-the-art warehouses and industrial facilities. With a RAKEZ business license, your business can electronically conduct trade in goods and services. This location also provides all the facilities needed for your business growth, including ultramodern marine docks and container ports. There are many advantages to establishing a business in RAKEZ, including its easy access to raw materials and a large network of utilities.