Simple Tips to Install a Home Elevator

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Simple Tips to Install a Home Elevator

The first step to installing a home elevator in UAE is to decide where it will go. Depending on where it will be installed, this may require a contractor to cut an opening between your house’s upper and lower floors. If your architect designed your home with stacked closets, you might need to add temporary flooring between those closest to make room for the elevator. This can take more time than you would like, but you will be glad you did once the project is complete.

Tip# 1

Next, you’ll need to clear a space in your home for the elevator. This area should be 10 by 15 feet and have a clear path to the hoistway. Once you’ve cleared a spot for the elevator, you can begin planning the installation process. However, if you’re adding an existing home, you’ll need to make sure that the space is large enough to accommodate the elevator.

Tip# 2

Another important factor to consider is the number of stairs in your home. If you don’t have a ramp leading to the upper floor, you’ll need to add a second one to get to your upstairs. Putting an elevator in your home will make it easier to reach the top floor or other floors and make your home more accessible for everyone. You’ll also enjoy a lower risk of falling.

Tip# 3

Once you have decided where you’d like to install the elevator, you’ll need to decide where it should go. Most residential elevators are installed near the stairs, so they’ll be close to the stairs. This allows the elevator installation to be near these stairs, which provides extra free space for the equipment. The installation of a home elevator should only take two to three days, so it’s worth the investment.

Having an elevator installed in your home is a great idea for people with disabilities. In addition to the safety benefits, it also contributes to a healthy environment. By making your home safe, you’ll increase your independence and reduce the risk of accidents and injury. A home elevator will also reduce the burden of the healthcare system, which will be a bonus for everyone. The more people who live in the house, the more likely they will use its amenities.